August 24, 2010

What is your favorite hair oil?

Hair oil is an essential part of maintaining natural hair moisture. And everyone that is natural has their favorites.

Mine is Coconut Oil. I love love love coconut oil. I love how it smells and how versatile it is. I mean, I can cook with it (haven’t done that yet..but my mom made popcorn with it once..AWESOME!), use it on my skin and of hair. I literally go from rubbing coconut oil in my hair to putting it on my legs in the same application. It leaves my skin feeling amazing and after I spray some perfume on…irresistible.

I usually apply it to my hair when it’s wet daily. I rinse my hair in the shower every morning. Towel dry (but still damp..not dripping) and then apply Giovanni Leave-In Conditioner. After the leave in, I put the coconut oil (about a quarter size). Then I let it air dry. With living in FL, having a cool head feels great. Once dry, my hair doesn’t feel greasy at all. It feel soft!

The coconut oil I use is EfaGold Coconut Oil, I get from the health food store. It’s not coconut oil for hair, or coconut conditioner, it’s the actual coconut oil. You’ll probably find it near the supplements. It runs me about $15 but it lasts just about all year. It comes in a container as a solid but melts very quickly in your hand. The only problem I’ve had with the coconut oil is the fact that when it partially melts in the container, you’re left with little white balls of oil that takes longer to melt when you’re emulsifying it in your hands. What I’ve found that works, is to completely re-melt the coconut oil and let it cool back to a solid. Just like new!

If you were stranded on a desert island and could only take one hair oil…which one would it be?

August 18, 2010

Naturally Clueless more than a year...

So, it's been over a year since in first BC'd.  My dad is still trying to convince me to go back to 'normal'   But I love my natural fro! 

Me with the big cousin with dreads
The only thing I can't stand is detangling my hair!  I try to do it about once a week..but then it's a cumbersome task.  I load up on conditioner and get to work. Does anyone use a product that helps with detangling??

However, I know that one thing that I NEED to get done a trim.  Since I first cut my hair last year, I have not gotten a trim.  I don't know why.  Trusting someone with my hair and a pair of scissors is hard right now.  I wish there was an easy way for me to do it myself. 

October 7, 2009

Random Random Random Blog.

I am one who really enjoys work life balance.  Meaning, I'm able to manage my life at work.  However, I haven't had the opportunity to manage my life at work since WORK got in the way...darnit!! 

I'm so behind on so many tasks it's ridiculous.  I can't even believe it.  And before you say it, YES I'M HAPPY I HAVE A JOB. 


I hate working OT.  I would rather get my straight check and be home on time.  Instead of being at work and missing my kids!

Anywho...Chris Rock and Good Hair.  I am looking forward to this coming out! I really want to see what kind of reviews it gets and the reception it received among the black community.

I remember thinking about going natural before and dismissed the thought because I didn't think it was even possible.  Like, it wasn't even an option.  But, once I did it, I never thought I would be this happy with just my hair! How can you not know your own texture of your hair.  I'm sure there are many white women who may not have their own color or remember their own color.  But, they can go back to their middle school/highschool pictures to see what their natural hair color looked like.  However, by the time most of African American women reached middle school, our hair was already permed.  Many have no idea how to deal with what grows out of their head. 

*le sigh*

This blog is 

Til Next time...

September 15, 2009

Hair Update: 2 months NATURAL!!

September 7, 2009


Now at the end of this video, I figured he was joking with the wording on the box. But, really?? Why would a person with already straight hair want to use a relaxer?? I don't get it.

What people who are not familiar with relaxers should do is research the products. Unfortunately for black people, relaxers is something that we've been programmed thinking that we NEED. When in fact our hair is perfectly fine.

September 1, 2009

Natural hair = Afrocentric?

So, in a recent trip out of town for my family reunion, one of my cousins made a comment.

"Oh, you're going Afrocentric."

"No, I'm just wearing my natural hair"

Then another conversation with another cousin was crazy!

"You need to do something with your hair...a comb, or need to get it done!"

So, at this point, I was irritated to say the least.

"Are you questioning God's plan? Do you have a problem with God's creation?? Because this is what he created. Are you saying he's wrong? If so, you may need to go to church on Sunday to discuss that with him"

O.k. I may have been a lil harsh...he is my cousin after all. But, I was tired of having to justify my hair to family. Why did you cut it? What made you do that? etc. I was a lot annoyed with it. But, I really tried to take it in stride.

But, the one thing that really set it off was the extra hands in my head. OMG...I'm not a chia pet. lol. It's hair. Please stop rubbing my hair. Please don't freely put your hands in my least ask. *sigh*

Til Next Time

August 31, 2009

Change Eating Habits

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I really have to do better. With the kids starting school last week, the gym is non existent. I just wont have time to get to the gym and tend to mom duties also. Although I've been trying to do better with my eating, this has given me more motivation.

My plan is to limit junk. And I don't even buy that much junk food. But, somehow I just don't feel like I'm eating enough veggies and fruits. So, for my lunch I'm going to start packing healthier options. Cucumbers, carrots, plums, etc.

But, being healthy is so expensive, time consuming and some times....tasteless. But, I need to do it for longevity. Find ways to trim the fat and calories in my food. As well as in the food of my children.

Not to mention, the healthier options will also help with healthier hair. I'll let you know how it works out.


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