September 15, 2009

Hair Update: 2 months NATURAL!!

September 7, 2009


Now at the end of this video, I figured he was joking with the wording on the box. But, really?? Why would a person with already straight hair want to use a relaxer?? I don't get it.

What people who are not familiar with relaxers should do is research the products. Unfortunately for black people, relaxers is something that we've been programmed thinking that we NEED. When in fact our hair is perfectly fine.

September 1, 2009

Natural hair = Afrocentric?

So, in a recent trip out of town for my family reunion, one of my cousins made a comment.

"Oh, you're going Afrocentric."

"No, I'm just wearing my natural hair"

Then another conversation with another cousin was crazy!

"You need to do something with your hair...a comb, or need to get it done!"

So, at this point, I was irritated to say the least.

"Are you questioning God's plan? Do you have a problem with God's creation?? Because this is what he created. Are you saying he's wrong? If so, you may need to go to church on Sunday to discuss that with him"

O.k. I may have been a lil harsh...he is my cousin after all. But, I was tired of having to justify my hair to family. Why did you cut it? What made you do that? etc. I was a lot annoyed with it. But, I really tried to take it in stride.

But, the one thing that really set it off was the extra hands in my head. OMG...I'm not a chia pet. lol. It's hair. Please stop rubbing my hair. Please don't freely put your hands in my least ask. *sigh*

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