October 7, 2009

Random Random Random Blog.

I am one who really enjoys work life balance.  Meaning, I'm able to manage my life at work.  However, I haven't had the opportunity to manage my life at work since WORK got in the way...darnit!! 

I'm so behind on so many tasks it's ridiculous.  I can't even believe it.  And before you say it, YES I'M HAPPY I HAVE A JOB. 


I hate working OT.  I would rather get my straight check and be home on time.  Instead of being at work and missing my kids!

Anywho...Chris Rock and Good Hair.  I am looking forward to this coming out! I really want to see what kind of reviews it gets and the reception it received among the black community.

I remember thinking about going natural before and dismissed the thought because I didn't think it was even possible.  Like, it wasn't even an option.  But, once I did it, I never thought I would be this happy with just my hair! How can you not know your own texture of your hair.  I'm sure there are many white women who may not have their own color or remember their own color.  But, they can go back to their middle school/highschool pictures to see what their natural hair color looked like.  However, by the time most of African American women reached middle school, our hair was already permed.  Many have no idea how to deal with what grows out of their head. 

*le sigh*

This blog is random..lol. 

Til Next time...

September 15, 2009

Hair Update: 2 months NATURAL!!

September 7, 2009


Now at the end of this video, I figured he was joking with the wording on the box. But, really?? Why would a person with already straight hair want to use a relaxer?? I don't get it.

What people who are not familiar with relaxers should do is research the products. Unfortunately for black people, relaxers is something that we've been programmed thinking that we NEED. When in fact our hair is perfectly fine.

September 1, 2009

Natural hair = Afrocentric?

So, in a recent trip out of town for my family reunion, one of my cousins made a comment.

"Oh, you're going Afrocentric."

"No, I'm just wearing my natural hair"

Then another conversation with another cousin was crazy!

"You need to do something with your hair...a comb, or something...you need to get it done!"

So, at this point, I was irritated to say the least.

"Are you questioning God's plan? Do you have a problem with God's creation?? Because this is what he created. Are you saying he's wrong? If so, you may need to go to church on Sunday to discuss that with him"

O.k. I may have been a lil harsh...he is my cousin after all. But, I was tired of having to justify my hair to family. Why did you cut it? What made you do that? etc. I was a lot annoyed with it. But, I really tried to take it in stride.

But, the one thing that really set it off was the extra hands in my head. OMG...I'm not a chia pet. lol. It's hair. Please stop rubbing my hair. Please don't freely put your hands in my head...at least ask. *sigh*

Til Next Time

August 31, 2009

Change Eating Habits

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I really have to do better. With the kids starting school last week, the gym is non existent. I just wont have time to get to the gym and tend to mom duties also. Although I've been trying to do better with my eating, this has given me more motivation.

My plan is to limit junk. And I don't even buy that much junk food. But, somehow I just don't feel like I'm eating enough veggies and fruits. So, for my lunch I'm going to start packing healthier options. Cucumbers, carrots, plums, etc.

But, being healthy is so expensive, time consuming and some times....tasteless. But, I need to do it for longevity. Find ways to trim the fat and calories in my food. As well as in the food of my children.

Not to mention, the healthier options will also help with healthier hair. I'll let you know how it works out.

August 18, 2009

Summer Love

I never really looked at the difference your hair makes in your life before being natural. I mean, I knew that having relaxed hair meant that swimming was a no-no and exercising was going to be a pain for my roots.

But, now that I’m natural, I see how I limited myself by having relaxed hair. Being a FL girl, access to water is so easy. But, I would go summers without even setting foot in a pool because I didn’t want to mess up my hair. I’m not one of those girls who were in the hair salon every few weeks to get my hair done. But, I knew the damage the chlorine would take on my hair. I didn’t need anymore chemicals. So, summers come and go and I don’t go swimming. I missed that.

I know being natural doesn’t mean that the chlorine won’t harm my hair. But, not having the chemically processed hair makes gives my hair more of a fighting chance to enjoy the activities of summer.

This weekend, I plan on taking my kids to the pool or to the beach or somewhere so we can have our last bit of summer fun before school starts. I can’t wait!

August 17, 2009

song chart memes
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I’ve never been one to wear a lot of make up. But as I get older, I want to experiment more. I just don’t have the drive. I like the more natural look. Where it looks like your own glow. However, watching a few YouTube videos on it shows that you have to apply A LOT of make-up to achieve this look. Not for me.

The most make up I’ve ever worn on any given day is lip gloss. I did go thru a “I love Mary Kay Eyeshadow” phase, but I really only wore that when going out to night clubs. Even then, I think my application looked amateur. So, I refrain from wearing any make up. I like simple.

One thing I’ve always thought of women who wear TOO MUCH make up is that ‘Make up makes your face stop trying’. I’m sure that’s an original quote from me…so use my name when quoting. Lol.

I’ve seen women come to work who hadn’t ‘put their face on’ and all I can say is DAMN! Not a pretty sight. Can you imagine what your Mr. Man is saying when he wakes up to you every morning?

I think with make up, less is more. Use enough to highlight your face without masking your natural look. This way, your face never looks like you NEED make-up. IMO

August 10, 2009

Simplifying life…at least my hair

I realized that I’m becoming a PJ (product junkie). I enjoy buying new products to try on my hair. “I’m trying to find a combo that works” was always my excuse to myself. I had to put the breaks to that as I started to get duplicates of different products.

My current goal is to use up what I have before I buy something new. Currently have in my arsenal in order of use:

Organix Shea Butter, Vanilla, Coconut Conditioners. I don’t know why I have all 3. But, I’m in love with this conditioner and they smell great!

Design Essentials Therapeutic Leave-in conditioner – This is my favorite leave in. Although it has some ‘cones’ in it, I still love it. Great smell and leaves my hair feeling soft. I only use this after I co-wash my hair.

*Note- I don’t use all these oils in one day. I rotate*

Coconut Oil – I use it every day on my hair. LOVE IT! It really moisturizes my hair the way I need it to.

Carol’s Daughter Tui Oil – Although I like the smell, I’m glad I bought the smaller bottle. It doesn’t keep my hair moisturized all day like the Coconut oil does. Good thing I’m almost out.

Olive Oil – It was buy 1 get one free at the grocery store. So, I have one in the pantry and one in my bathroom..lol. I don’t use as often as the coconut oil. But it works also.

Vegetable Glycerin – I use this in a spray bottle with some EO to give my hair moisture when I do my re-wetting in the morning. Works great!!! But, don’t add too much to your bottle.

Essential Oils – let’s see

  • Rosemary – because it’s supposed to stimulate blood and help hair growth. I usually put a few drops in my spray bottle when I make my concoction.

  • Spearmint – Who doesn’t want to smell like gum???

  • Lemon – This is a wonderful scent. It wakes me up

  • Tea Tree Oil – Antiseptic, Antifungal & Antibacterial. I add this to my spray bottle to keep the mold out.

  • Butter Pecan Scented Oil – not quite an essential oil. But, I use it in my Shea Butter mixes I make for my hair and my son’s skin.

Shea Butter – Every natural girls required product. It has so many uses that I use it for everything. The same container I use on my hair, I use on my son’s skin. He has severely dry skin and nothing else has worked (and I’ve tried everything!!). But Shea butter is the one thing that actually keeps his skin unashyfied all day.

Soft & Beautiful Botanicals Styling Gel – eh…I only have this because my mom gave it to me. But, I’ve only used it a few times. Let’s just say, I don’t like it too much. I think I’ll be giving it back.

IC Fantasia – my curly crack. Defines my curls the way I want them too. And if I do this after I wash my hair, leave-in condition and coconut oil, my hair doesn’t get as hard as normal. It also doesn’t leave ANY flakes, residue, etc. When you put it in, it foams up a little, but once it dries all that goes away.

(image source)

August 7, 2009

Naturally Stolen

I've said before that one of my main reasons for going natural is my daughter. Her natural hair was stolen from her to early.

It was a year ago when I picked her up from her other grandmothers house to find my daughters hair was straight. I asked what had happened. The grandmother told me that she got a perm but "it was a kid perm, doesn't she look pretty". I told her grandmother that "Wasn't anything wrong with her before and she was BEAUTIFUL then!"

I was pissed to say the least. There isn't a word for the level of anger I had that day. Not only did her father relax her hair without my permission, consent or knowledge, he didn't even bother to tell me about it before I picked up my daughter. He wouldn't even answer my phone call that day. He knew what was up.

Back story - He knew that I did not want her hair relaxed. I have told him that she has the rest of her life to ruin her hair. No need to do ruin it earlier than 16. He and I aren't together and he is remarried. I am not a mother that constantly calls, texts, etc. I don't ask you for any money. You're not on child support. and I may see you only once every few months because we do most of our exchanges at school or whatever. Rarely face to face. No particular reason, just how it's been. But, we've talked about this issue regarding her hair.

Well, this particular day when she went to her dad's house, she had her hair in a afro puff. We went swimming earlier and hadn't had a chance to do her hair. He called later that day and wanted to get her the next day. Cool. This was a Friday. Apparently by that Saturday, she had a perm. His wife bished to him and he caved. I didn't pick her up til that following Friday. No one bothered to say anything.

I've always told my daughter that her hair is beautiful. That there was nothing wrong with her hair. But, she saw others (including me) around her with straight hair and she wanted the same. She was happy at first. Her hair was long like she wanted it. But, seeing her hair permed made me realize how FINE her hair really was.

Within a few months. her hair was just enough to put in a ponytail. It was breaking off bad. My best efforts in teaching a 10 year old child on taking care of their hair wasn't working. Taking her to the hair dresser to make sure a professional did her hair didn't help. I haven't used a box perm on her because I don't want to do that. Now her hair is severely damaged.

So, this year, a month before school let out, I put braids in her hair. She was going to be spending the summer in the pool and there was no need for her to have a fresh relaxer and chlorine combo going on. She took the braids out last week (they had been redone since school. don't worry) and I washed and conditioned her hair. But, it doesn't look good. Her natural hair has grown quite a bit but her relaxed hair looks dead and damaged.

I hope that me going natural will show her that she doesn't need a perm in her hair. Hopefully, she'll see that she doesn't have to have straight hair. Hopefully, she'll go back to her natural hair until she's at an age where she can care for her own hair properly.

August 2, 2009

Conditioner Help Please

Ok. Maybe it's just me but my hair never feels really conditioned. I know I'm comparing it to my relaxed hair and that soft feeling, but my hair now doesn't feel that way. Like I said...maybe it's just me.

But, I'm curious what do other natural ladies do to condition their hair? Something that lasts all day. I want that soft feeling but something that will condition my hair also.

What do you use?

July 30, 2009

My new hair crack

I have never used gels before. Scratch that..I did use Jam when I was younger, but that's when I was wearing strictly ponys and it's not a 'real' gel IMO. But, I have found a new hair crack.

Fantasia IC Hair Polisher Styling Gel...better known as IC Fantasia.

If you could be in love with a hair product, this would be my first love. After watching videos on YouTube regarding wash-n-go styles, many of the women suggested this gel. I decided to buy it one day at the store. (I'm trying to not turn into a product junkie..but it's really hard...)

This gives me the curly look that I want out of my hair!!! I have never been so happy. But, I realized that by the end of the day, my hair feels dry. I need to add more moisture to my hair next time, but I'm not dropping my crack. I'm in love! and I got it bad!!!

July 27, 2009

Dream Hair??

Usually when someone takes this journey (to natural hair), they have dream hair in mind. Don’t tell me you don’t have dream hair. Just as you have a dream house, dream car and dream man/woman, there is also DREAM HAIR. Dream hair is the hair you’d love to have.

For me my dream hair was Teyana Taylor. I love her big hair and how she wears it! (still on the fence whether or not it’s a weave)

So, what's your dream hair??

(image source)

July 25, 2009

Good Hair

I really look forward to seeing this movie. With all the pressures on black women that start with our hair, it will nice to see all these stereotypes aired. Maybe then we can get over our hair.

Now that I'm natural, I can really see the issues. Why is wearing MY NATURAL hair such a problem?? How unfair is it to black women to made to feel like their hair, the hair they were born with, is WRONG. The only way to correct it is to LYE to yourselves? If you like your perm, fine. But, now that I'm going thru this process, I LOVE MY HAIR.

I have never really embraced my hair before. I always thought that you were supposed to get a relaxer. That's just what I had to do. My hair was supposed to be straight. Go figure, I had another option.

July 23, 2009

Not hair related...but...

I just thought this was so cute. I got this the other day from Ten23 Designs. Nice way to add some flair to your laptop. This is a vinyl decal, so it's removable and versatile! I love the turquoise color!!!

You like it?

July 20, 2009

Haircessory You'll Love!

I really hate not having internet at home. I feel like someone cut off my right arm!!! Who knew I was so dependent on the NET?!?!? Anywho…
I love my headbands and accessories for my hair. With having a TWA (Teenie Weenie Afro), I think accessories are the only way to make it look kept up (my opinion). Mainly, it’s not at the point where I can just wear it. I think I look like a weird afro lady when I don’t have an elastic band and/or headband on.

So, the other day, when I was shopping at one of my favorite Etsy shops, Ten23Designs (shameless plug for a friend :P), I started searching for accessories for my hair. I came across KitMit who makes these cute reversible headbands (nothing I love more than reversible stuff!).

They fit snuggly to the head and I love the patterns she provides. Today, I have on an elastic headband to pull my hair back with this headband over it. I probably didn’t even need the elastic one. And since this is a fabric headband, you don't have to worry about it digging into your skull behind your ears (don't you hate that???). The perfect headache-free hair headband!!!

Til next time...

July 17, 2009

Review: Jane Carter Solutions Condition & Sculpt

*it's hard to see in the picture, but my hair is really curly!*

So, last night after my workout, I co-washed my hair with Organix Vanilla Silk conditioner. As you should know, I use a million different conditioners on my hair. So far, Organix seems to work the best.

Anywho, while my hair was still damp, I added coconut oil and Design Essentials Therapeutic Leave-In conditioner. Then I applied about a quarter size of Jane Carter Solutions that I got from Curly Nikki to my hair. I rubbed it in as best I could all over. I didn’t see much of a result last night as I let my hair air dry. So, when I went to bed, the crown was still damp.

This morning, I re-wet my hair a lil (b/c if felt dry – simply rubbed water over my head). I brushed my edges down before I put on my elastic head band. After re-wetting my hair, I could see a difference in my hair. My curls were more defined and a lil firm. Although, I had a little bit of shrinkage, I like the way the product makes my hair look. Much more curly and a lot less afroy.

I think this will really work well when my hair is longer. All in all I would say this is a good product to have for any junkie!

The ingredients are:

Deionized Water, Anthemis Noblis Flower (Camomile), Symphytum Officinal Leaf (Comfrey), Equisetum Arvense (Horsetail), Urtica Dioica (Nettle), Rosemarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf, Humulus Lupulus (Hops), Lawsonia Inermis (Henna), Certified Organic Essential Oils: Lemon, Vanilla extract, Panthenol, Polyquarternum 11, Phenoxyethanol.

July 16, 2009

Crazy Dream..

I had a crazy dream last night about hair type. In my dream my hair morphed into type 2B hair. Very defined spiral curls. Weird, I know.

Hair Type is a big topic among black women. As many of us still think of certain hair types being ‘good hair’. Also, know your hair type will help you when you choose products that works best for your hair.

Most black women fall among these hair types. Looking at my hair, I seem to have mostly 3C with some 3B in the back of my neck. Now, depending on what you read, your self diagnosed hair type will be different. I’ve read that you must get your hair soaking wet in order to determine your hair type. Other places have said that you’re hair needs to be dry. I used the wet method. With the wet method it was easier to see what type of curls I had.

I haven’t had a chance to use the Jane Carter Solutions Conditon & Sculpt yet. Hopefully tonight, I’ll be able to do it. At the moment, my internet connection at home is JACKED (as my friend likes to call everything now adays! Lol). So, until I get a hack to get back on line at home (I know, I’m dying!), I’m going to have to figure out how to upload pictures of the finished product once I try this stuff. Give me a minute though, I’ll be back online soon!

Til next time…

July 14, 2009


I need to watch YouTube tonight. I’m trying to figure out how I can get my hair to look more curly and less afro-y (my word, don’t look it up).

This morning I attempted a Wash-n-Go. More like a Wet-n-Go. When I woke up this morning, my hair looked matted and dry. So, I decided to loosen up the curls by running warm water over my hair. I tried to leave as much water as I could. As you could imagine, I was dripping all over the floor. I applied Tui Hair Oil, Design Essentials leave-in conditioner and Soft & Beautiful Botanicals Lite Crème Moisturizer. My attempt was to achieve the wet n curly look. But, only a few pieces of my head look wet n curly. The rest looks like a fro with curly ends. Yeah, I know..weird. Especially since I now see the 2 different hair types I have in my head (drastically different!).

So, I’ll try it again tomorrow. For being runner-up in the contest, Curly Nikki sent me a sample of Jane Carter Solutions Conditon & Sculpt. Per the bottle, ‘for taming curls and frizz and for wet looks’. TA-DA. I’ll try this tomorrow and see if I can achieve the ‘wet look’ with this product.

Til next time....

July 13, 2009


Why am I irritated? Well, I wanted to touch on the fact that my dad hated my hair.

His reaction irritated me (now that I think about it). Sure, that's his reaction and I'll always be his baby girl blah blah blah...

But, why in the Sam Hill (something my co-worker always said 'Sam Hill') does it matter whether I cut my hair our not? I feel like singing India Erie, I AM NOT MY HAIR.

Wouldn't you think that you would just be happy? But, I have to be going thru something in order to do something so drastic. I wanted to cut my hair. I have been battling with my hair and wanting to go natural. But, my fear of others reactions stopped me.

When he told me he hated my hair, I told him 'Oh well, IT'S JUST HAIR and it will grow back!'. He just kept repeating "I just don't like it, what are you going thru".

I'm going thru CONTROL!

Til Next Time...

July 12, 2009

Carefree Hair

I have enjoyed a weekend full of carefree hair! I hadn't done JACK to my head. Not even comb it. I've kept it moisturized with leave in conditioner and oils. That's been about it. But, I have loved having my hair short.

I think if I ever was to get a relaxed style, it would be something like Halle Berry's short hair style. I'll work on getting the figure too...

So far the only super negative feedback I've received is from my dad. He hates my hair. lol. He told me so this evening. Also, told me that if I was young enough, he'd whoop me for cutting my hair. HA!

Til next time...

July 9, 2009

So..I cut off all my hair

“Mommy, your hair looks JACKED UP” ~ 5 year old son

“I wouldn’t do it, but if you’re happy, I’m happy” ~ 11 year old daughter

“I like it. You look artsy & smarter” ~ Friend

“WOW” ~ Step-Mom

“Did you get a haircut? I like it!” ~ Manager

“Zoinks” ~ Co-Worker

“OMG, Thank God it’s CUUUTTTTEEEEE” ~ Best Friend

“Love it” ~ Friend

“Sexy” ~ Co-Worker
Most others around me (mom & Dad hadn’t even seen it yet) that have seen my hair, hadn’t really said much. Kinda like ‘no biggie’. For me, which is cool!

After I wrote the post about fear controlling my reason for not cutting my hair, it bothered me. I don’t like being scared of something that I can control (not like my fear of palmetto bugs..eeewww). And…it’s just hair! Why have I had a complex all these years about having short hair?? It was the fear of what others would say. How would they look at me, etc. Last night, I didn’t care!

So, with scissors in hand, I took my fear on and just cut my hair. At one point, I even contemplated stopping. I was at the point where I can just pony it up. But, I had to let go of my comfort zone. I wanted to embrace change. I needed too.

After I cut it, I didn’t feel anything. LOL. O.k. wait…I did feel in control. But, I was neither happy nor sad. I was ‘whatever-it’s short now. Now what?’

So coming to work today, I didn’t feel the least bit worried about others reactions. I love how I look regardless of what my hair looks like. I feel I let go of my ‘hair issues’.

My only beef now is, Why didn’t I do this sooner?

July 8, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Scissors Won!

Transitioned for 5 months (Feburary 2009-July 2009)

Being a Punk!

I’ve always been a simple maintenance type of girl. But, right now, my hair is working my maintenance nerves. Last night, I had scissors in had, ready to just cut it all of. What stopped me?


Fear of what I will look like with a TWA (Teenie Weenie Afro). I’ve never had short-short (different than just short) hair before. The shortest I’ve had my hair was just below my ears and that was in high school….and relaxed. Most of my life, I’ve had my safety net of a ponytail when having a bad hair day (like today).

Fear of the stigma from having short hair. Hair is very important to black women (not all, but most) and going natural is a big thing for us. Many of us think about it, but the fear of actually doing it is what makes us go back for another relaxer. You can look at black hair magazines and not see many natural hair styles. Mostly are relaxed hair styles…even the short hair ones. So, going from straight to a natural curly texture is scary to say the least.

I know I’m being a punk about my hair. I'll get over it soon...

July 7, 2009

2nd attempt Bantu Knots Results

O.k. so, I did my Bantu Knots last night dry. I didn't' wet my hair (because my hair seems to never dry by the time I wake up!). I wanted to see what kind of results I would get dry. Maybe I would get the same ones from last time. I took them out this morning and I love how they came out.

They're more wavy and not spiraly (my word). It's hard to tell from the cell phone picture but they looked good.

Until...I went out side. My hair sucked all the moisture from the hair and stored it! Then with the magic of animation turned into a frizzy mess (o.k no animation, but yes frizzy mess). I looked a hot mess by the time I dropped my son off at daycare. Sooooo, before I even got to work this morning, my hair was back in a ponytail. Trying to conceal the frizzyness that was my head!

It's getting even harder to not take scissors to my head!!!

I'm a winner!

O.k. it was only runner up! But still honored.
I entered Curly Nikki's contest for Kinky Curly Curling Custard. I had to write a Haiku.

Here it is in the picture. My wonderful friend who does vinyl designs made this for me. Thanks Lauren of Ten23 Designs, it looks beautiful!!!!

Thanks Curly Nikki for the contest!!!

July 6, 2009

Picture Day : Good Bantu Knots Out.

This was the first time I tried Bantu Knots back in May and I haven't been able to duplicate this style since. My Bantu Knots never turn out this way again!!

Trying to remember what I did. I think my hair was dry and straight. This was early on in the transition process and I didn't have a lot of new growth. But, I just love how this turned out!!! Kinda carefree and cute!!

I think I'm going to try this again tonight. Maybe I can get this style one more time!

July 3, 2009

Happy almost 4th

This weekend I plan on eating me some ribs!!! My dad BBQ'd before he went out of town. So, the cookout is ON!!!! Doesnt' that picture look good. I'm getting hungry!!

I don't know about you transitioners, but every weekend that goes by it gets harder to not make an appt at SuperCuts or somewhere to get my hair cut. I feel like I'm ready, but I'm trying to hold out and transition. I know if I get my hair cut, I'll miss my ponytails that I love so much. But, I do know that a wash-n-go is probably so much easier. I think the initial shock of having short-short hair might be a bit much. But, I just want to see what my hair looks like already. I swear, why does it take so long for hair to grow.

Anyways, I hope everyone has a good weekend. I'm going to try and take some pictures of whatever hairstyle I do this weekend.

Til next time..

July 2, 2009

Finger Combing

*note, this is not me in the picture. Picture taken from here*

Finger combing your hair, especially during transition, can save your hair a lot of damage. Granted you don’t get the ‘laid down’ look you want but you can achieve a workable style.

I went to bed last night without re-rolling my hair. I was frustrated with my perm rods b/c the ends kept popping off. Every time one popped, I cussed! So, I need to get more from the hair store soon. Anywho…I just put my hair in a loose ponytail last night and tied a scarf around my head and went to sleep.

Well, this morning the scarf was missing and my hair looked crazy. No way was I going to get a comb thru my head. I could have sprayed my hair with my mixture (water, vegetable glycerin, essential oils) but that would have taken too much time and I wasn’t in the mood. Plus, like I said before, I hate getting smudges on my glasses!! So, I decided to finger comb my hair. I only added a little bit of coconut oil. I tried to get as many knots out as I could. My ends were still curly from the other day, so I just put it in a loose ponytail. I put an elastic headband on and I was ready to go.

Now, I’m not one of those chicks that get bothered by my edges. I welcome the curls coming in. If your edges bother you and you want them to lay down, simply add some gel to this routine and a boar bristle brush. Works the same way.

Til next time.

July 1, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Old School Hair


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