July 7, 2009

2nd attempt Bantu Knots Results

O.k. so, I did my Bantu Knots last night dry. I didn't' wet my hair (because my hair seems to never dry by the time I wake up!). I wanted to see what kind of results I would get dry. Maybe I would get the same ones from last time. I took them out this morning and I love how they came out.

They're more wavy and not spiraly (my word). It's hard to tell from the cell phone picture but they looked good.

Until...I went out side. My hair sucked all the moisture from the hair and stored it! Then with the magic of animation turned into a frizzy mess (o.k no animation, but yes frizzy mess). I looked a hot mess by the time I dropped my son off at daycare. Sooooo, before I even got to work this morning, my hair was back in a ponytail. Trying to conceal the frizzyness that was my head!

It's getting even harder to not take scissors to my head!!!


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