July 2, 2009

Finger Combing

*note, this is not me in the picture. Picture taken from here*

Finger combing your hair, especially during transition, can save your hair a lot of damage. Granted you don’t get the ‘laid down’ look you want but you can achieve a workable style.

I went to bed last night without re-rolling my hair. I was frustrated with my perm rods b/c the ends kept popping off. Every time one popped, I cussed! So, I need to get more from the hair store soon. Anywho…I just put my hair in a loose ponytail last night and tied a scarf around my head and went to sleep.

Well, this morning the scarf was missing and my hair looked crazy. No way was I going to get a comb thru my head. I could have sprayed my hair with my mixture (water, vegetable glycerin, essential oils) but that would have taken too much time and I wasn’t in the mood. Plus, like I said before, I hate getting smudges on my glasses!! So, I decided to finger comb my hair. I only added a little bit of coconut oil. I tried to get as many knots out as I could. My ends were still curly from the other day, so I just put it in a loose ponytail. I put an elastic headband on and I was ready to go.

Now, I’m not one of those chicks that get bothered by my edges. I welcome the curls coming in. If your edges bother you and you want them to lay down, simply add some gel to this routine and a boar bristle brush. Works the same way.

Til next time.


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