July 13, 2009


Why am I irritated? Well, I wanted to touch on the fact that my dad hated my hair.

His reaction irritated me (now that I think about it). Sure, that's his reaction and I'll always be his baby girl blah blah blah...

But, why in the Sam Hill (something my co-worker always said 'Sam Hill') does it matter whether I cut my hair our not? I feel like singing India Erie, I AM NOT MY HAIR.

Wouldn't you think that you would just be happy? But, I have to be going thru something in order to do something so drastic. I wanted to cut my hair. I have been battling with my hair and wanting to go natural. But, my fear of others reactions stopped me.

When he told me he hated my hair, I told him 'Oh well, IT'S JUST HAIR and it will grow back!'. He just kept repeating "I just don't like it, what are you going thru".

I'm going thru CONTROL!

Til Next Time...


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