July 25, 2009

Good Hair

I really look forward to seeing this movie. With all the pressures on black women that start with our hair, it will nice to see all these stereotypes aired. Maybe then we can get over our hair.

Now that I'm natural, I can really see the issues. Why is wearing MY NATURAL hair such a problem?? How unfair is it to black women to made to feel like their hair, the hair they were born with, is WRONG. The only way to correct it is to LYE to yourselves? If you like your perm, fine. But, now that I'm going thru this process, I LOVE MY HAIR.

I have never really embraced my hair before. I always thought that you were supposed to get a relaxer. That's just what I had to do. My hair was supposed to be straight. Go figure, I had another option.


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