October 7, 2009

Random Random Random Blog.

I am one who really enjoys work life balance.  Meaning, I'm able to manage my life at work.  However, I haven't had the opportunity to manage my life at work since WORK got in the way...darnit!! 

I'm so behind on so many tasks it's ridiculous.  I can't even believe it.  And before you say it, YES I'M HAPPY I HAVE A JOB. 


I hate working OT.  I would rather get my straight check and be home on time.  Instead of being at work and missing my kids!

Anywho...Chris Rock and Good Hair.  I am looking forward to this coming out! I really want to see what kind of reviews it gets and the reception it received among the black community.

I remember thinking about going natural before and dismissed the thought because I didn't think it was even possible.  Like, it wasn't even an option.  But, once I did it, I never thought I would be this happy with just my hair! How can you not know your own texture of your hair.  I'm sure there are many white women who may not have their own color or remember their own color.  But, they can go back to their middle school/highschool pictures to see what their natural hair color looked like.  However, by the time most of African American women reached middle school, our hair was already permed.  Many have no idea how to deal with what grows out of their head. 

*le sigh*

This blog is random..lol. 

Til Next time...


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