July 8, 2009

Being a Punk!

I’ve always been a simple maintenance type of girl. But, right now, my hair is working my maintenance nerves. Last night, I had scissors in had, ready to just cut it all of. What stopped me?


Fear of what I will look like with a TWA (Teenie Weenie Afro). I’ve never had short-short (different than just short) hair before. The shortest I’ve had my hair was just below my ears and that was in high school….and relaxed. Most of my life, I’ve had my safety net of a ponytail when having a bad hair day (like today).

Fear of the stigma from having short hair. Hair is very important to black women (not all, but most) and going natural is a big thing for us. Many of us think about it, but the fear of actually doing it is what makes us go back for another relaxer. You can look at black hair magazines and not see many natural hair styles. Mostly are relaxed hair styles…even the short hair ones. So, going from straight to a natural curly texture is scary to say the least.

I know I’m being a punk about my hair. I'll get over it soon...


Ms. Wanda said...

Hi, Thanks for dropping by my site:)
Ok, hair ooooh girl you picked the topic of topics! The good thing about our hair, it's strong and beautiful with out any chemicals. We have the luxury of being natural and or permed.
I say try it go short see if you like it:) If not your hair will grow back. If you don't like it fro'd perm it, the bottom line is don't be torn. I used to wear my hair short my entire single life. I liked it that way because it allowed me to change my look a lot. (wigs, weaves, whatever)
I'd love to cut it all off now but, my kids will protest! Let the blog world no what you decide:)

A. Spence said...

As time goes on, i'm getting closer and closer to putting scissors to it. I'm trying not to get a perm anymore b/c I've never seen what 'my hair' looks like. I was going to wait til august to cut my hair..but i don't think i'll last that long.

Lauren said...

I know how you look up to me & want to mirror me any which way you can... so I went ahead & cut my hair last night. I cut a little over 10 inches off & donated it to Locks of Love.

Now you can go ahead and cut yours... go ahead... cut... post the pics. ;)

A. Spence said...

no comment..lol

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