August 17, 2009

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I’ve never been one to wear a lot of make up. But as I get older, I want to experiment more. I just don’t have the drive. I like the more natural look. Where it looks like your own glow. However, watching a few YouTube videos on it shows that you have to apply A LOT of make-up to achieve this look. Not for me.

The most make up I’ve ever worn on any given day is lip gloss. I did go thru a “I love Mary Kay Eyeshadow” phase, but I really only wore that when going out to night clubs. Even then, I think my application looked amateur. So, I refrain from wearing any make up. I like simple.

One thing I’ve always thought of women who wear TOO MUCH make up is that ‘Make up makes your face stop trying’. I’m sure that’s an original quote from me…so use my name when quoting. Lol.

I’ve seen women come to work who hadn’t ‘put their face on’ and all I can say is DAMN! Not a pretty sight. Can you imagine what your Mr. Man is saying when he wakes up to you every morning?

I think with make up, less is more. Use enough to highlight your face without masking your natural look. This way, your face never looks like you NEED make-up. IMO


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