August 10, 2009

Simplifying life…at least my hair

I realized that I’m becoming a PJ (product junkie). I enjoy buying new products to try on my hair. “I’m trying to find a combo that works” was always my excuse to myself. I had to put the breaks to that as I started to get duplicates of different products.

My current goal is to use up what I have before I buy something new. Currently have in my arsenal in order of use:

Organix Shea Butter, Vanilla, Coconut Conditioners. I don’t know why I have all 3. But, I’m in love with this conditioner and they smell great!

Design Essentials Therapeutic Leave-in conditioner – This is my favorite leave in. Although it has some ‘cones’ in it, I still love it. Great smell and leaves my hair feeling soft. I only use this after I co-wash my hair.

*Note- I don’t use all these oils in one day. I rotate*

Coconut Oil – I use it every day on my hair. LOVE IT! It really moisturizes my hair the way I need it to.

Carol’s Daughter Tui Oil – Although I like the smell, I’m glad I bought the smaller bottle. It doesn’t keep my hair moisturized all day like the Coconut oil does. Good thing I’m almost out.

Olive Oil – It was buy 1 get one free at the grocery store. So, I have one in the pantry and one in my I don’t use as often as the coconut oil. But it works also.

Vegetable Glycerin – I use this in a spray bottle with some EO to give my hair moisture when I do my re-wetting in the morning. Works great!!! But, don’t add too much to your bottle.

Essential Oils – let’s see

  • Rosemary – because it’s supposed to stimulate blood and help hair growth. I usually put a few drops in my spray bottle when I make my concoction.

  • Spearmint – Who doesn’t want to smell like gum???

  • Lemon – This is a wonderful scent. It wakes me up

  • Tea Tree Oil – Antiseptic, Antifungal & Antibacterial. I add this to my spray bottle to keep the mold out.

  • Butter Pecan Scented Oil – not quite an essential oil. But, I use it in my Shea Butter mixes I make for my hair and my son’s skin.

Shea Butter – Every natural girls required product. It has so many uses that I use it for everything. The same container I use on my hair, I use on my son’s skin. He has severely dry skin and nothing else has worked (and I’ve tried everything!!). But Shea butter is the one thing that actually keeps his skin unashyfied all day.

Soft & Beautiful Botanicals Styling Gel – eh…I only have this because my mom gave it to me. But, I’ve only used it a few times. Let’s just say, I don’t like it too much. I think I’ll be giving it back.

IC Fantasia – my curly crack. Defines my curls the way I want them too. And if I do this after I wash my hair, leave-in condition and coconut oil, my hair doesn’t get as hard as normal. It also doesn’t leave ANY flakes, residue, etc. When you put it in, it foams up a little, but once it dries all that goes away.

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Mavis said...

Be warned, just when you think you've licked the PJism, it rears it's head, again. :)

CurvyGurl ♥ said...

Yep, I have it bad too. You listed a few I haven't tried....yikes!

A. Spence said...

Mavis - I know. hopefully I don't relapse

Curvy - I hope I didn't get you hooked

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