August 18, 2009

Summer Love

I never really looked at the difference your hair makes in your life before being natural. I mean, I knew that having relaxed hair meant that swimming was a no-no and exercising was going to be a pain for my roots.

But, now that I’m natural, I see how I limited myself by having relaxed hair. Being a FL girl, access to water is so easy. But, I would go summers without even setting foot in a pool because I didn’t want to mess up my hair. I’m not one of those girls who were in the hair salon every few weeks to get my hair done. But, I knew the damage the chlorine would take on my hair. I didn’t need anymore chemicals. So, summers come and go and I don’t go swimming. I missed that.

I know being natural doesn’t mean that the chlorine won’t harm my hair. But, not having the chemically processed hair makes gives my hair more of a fighting chance to enjoy the activities of summer.

This weekend, I plan on taking my kids to the pool or to the beach or somewhere so we can have our last bit of summer fun before school starts. I can’t wait!



I hope you guys have fun!!

Mavis said...

I hope you have a great time!

Ms. Wanda said...

Alright, I love your liberation!!! I don't have a perm either and I like it that way:) I did find out that when you have chemicals in your hair you should go home wash your hair and put a lot of conditioner in it:) Anywho, enjoy the pool with your girls!

Ms. Wanda

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