June 25, 2009

Exercise Naturally

In my opinion, if you're going thru this process, wear contacts!!! The one thing I hate more than anything is smudged glasses! So annoying! With all the products you may end up using/spraying on your hair, it's going to end up on your glasses. So, do yourself a favor, get contacts.

That was my mini vent for the evening.

But, to the subject. How often do you wash your hair if you work out? whether you co-wash or shampoo?

I was my hair twice a week. I workout 3-4 days out of the week...now. When I would get relaxers, it ran my life. You know, don't want to sweat your perm out! That's the main reason why I didn't exercise that often while relaxed (i know, excuses, excues..). The maintenance after a workout. Washing, conditioning, styling, etc. It just took too much time to get it back straight. It was so easy to damage my hair with blow drying it to get the quick results.

Now, slow and steady wins this race. I came home from my workout and co-washed my hair. Added my products (Shea butter, Design Essential Leavin-In Conditioner, Tui Oil) and rolled it. As I type this, I'm seated in my bed sitting under the dryer. I don't know why I couldn't take this time out when I had a relaxer, it just seemed like too much work to get it back straight. Now, if my hair is puffy...good. That's how it's supposed to be!


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