June 23, 2009

Favorite Hair Style

This is my favorite transitioning hair style but it just takes the longest time to acheive. That's why I tried Bantu Knots. I saw it on this youtube video.

This picture was taken the first time I did this style on 04/01/09. I have to say..not to bad for my first time.

Now I didn't use everything in the video and I did this after washing my hair. But I think the main point was moisture since you will have to sit under the dryer.

This is what I did:
  • Co-Washed my hair with what I had at home. Nothing spectacI can't remember now b/c I've changed conditioners a few times.
Hair should be damp but not dripping wet.

Next I did:
  • Tui Hair Oil - Carol's Daughter. I used about a quarter size. Rubbed it thru my hair concentrating on the crown (my driest part).
  • Therapeutics Rx Leave-In-Design Essentials. I used a little more than a quarter size and rubbed it thru my hair. Again concentrating on the crown.
  • 15-20 Medium size perm rods. You can use whatever size you want here. I just haphazardly picked up 2 bags when I was at the beauty supply store. The bigger the perm rods the less you'll need. But it doesn't hurt to pick up a few bags. I find that the plastic piece on the end tends to break off. So, you may need extra.
  • Detangle hair!!! I haven't invested in a detangler product but the ones I listed above seem to work fine for me.
When I first started doing this, I used a comb to section my hair and section the pieces. However, this is NOT necessary. Use your natural combs (your fingers) to get the hair you need.

Do a two strand twist and wrap around the rods. Once you have all the hair rolled, it will look similar to this.

You'll have to sit under the dryer for a while or do this early enough in the day you're off work and let it air dry. Once dry....

Now, all you need to do is open your curls to get the full curly fro affect. I take Tui Hair Oil again and rub it thru my hair when it's like this and start opening the curls. No comb needed!

I still hadn't found an easy way to sleep with this style, besides going thru the process again. However, instead of co-washing, I use a spray bottle filled with Distilled water, Rosemary EO, Spearmint EO & Tea Tree EO. Rosemary is supposed to aid in hair growth so that's why I use that. The Spearmint masks the Rosemary smell (really don't want to smell like Italian food!) and Tea Tree is an antifungal (no moldy water!).

My hair comes out soft and silky. I love the curls.


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